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How Do We Create Great Teams?

Experienced in the world of virtual teams as well as teams that sit together to create results; Corporate America is consistently grappling to improve the performance of their teams.  It's been witnessed that even those who sit in the same building will take a conference call with other "team" members all from behind the secure walls of there individual cubes or offices.

This visual instantly brings to mind, "Tear down this wall!" the challenge issued by United States President Ronald Reagan to Soviet Union leader Mikhail Gorbachev to destroy the Berlin Wall!  

Luminosity Coaching would like to issue this challenge to you, today, as a first step for improving team interactions. Come out from behind the walls!

Are Virtual Teams getting the shaft? 

Not any more!

There have been and continue to be huge advancements in team development programs.  

Like anything else worth its weight in measured results, your teams deserve:

  • Commitment to the process
  • A clear strategy customized just for them
  • A proven method for improvement and lasting results


An essential factor that goes into creating high performing sustainable teams.

Do we know if we're trusted in our role or merely seen as a means to an end?

Teams are often working with blinders on and therefore not developing.  Today’s organizations are made up of many teams: together teams, virtual teams, teams nested inside of teams. We have flatter more streamlined efficiencies – We call them teams.  

Teams working without Trust are dysfunctional.

If corporations don’t get this piece of the puzzle right - it can and will bring them to a screeching halt.  It’s that simple. 

Certified in the use of
Team Coaching International™ Methodology:

The Team Diagnostic™ assessment, coupled with team coaching, has been delivered to more than 1000 teams worldwide. 

Source: Team Coaching International™

These 1000 teams:

  • Are clear about where they stand as a team 

  • Have a compass for team development  

  • Have a strategy to get them where they want to go

Recent results:

  • Average improvement in Productivity scores: up 19%

  • Average improvement in Positivity (Engagement) scores: up 19%


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