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Highly Engaged Workforces (HEW)

Did you know? 

Engaged Employees Are Good for Business!

The Gallup organization’s research indicates that, "The average working population ratio of engaged to actively disengaged employees is near 2:1. Actively disengaged employees erode an organization’s bottom line, while breaking the spirits of colleagues in the process. Within the U.S. workforce, Gallup estimates this cost to the bottom line to be more than $600 billion in lost productivity alone.

How do you determine the engagement of your employees? Do you know if it's working?

Most companies use online surveys to determine employee engagement.  If that's how you do it; you're not alone. Is it the best way to determine engagement? Absolutely not. 

Online assessments are great tools for some situations; not all. Using an assessment such as DiSC® to understand our communication style, and that of others, has had proven results for decades. 

An online assessment for how engaged we are on the job is proving to be less than the perfect measure. Largely, research has proven that there is a huge gap (approximately 30%) in the accuracy of the information gathered from these assessments. This is why HEW Cards® were invented.

Do you know what your employees are really thinking?  Do they love where they work or are they polishing up their resumes for better economic times? Those times are coming. Are you ready?






HEW Cards®

Dianne invented HEW Cards® to ensure that accurate engagement information is gathered from all employees. 

This deck of cards is fun, fast, and meaningful.  Using all of the colors of the spectrum and the 7 Factors Impacting Engagement; the cards chosen provide a true compass for engagement, immediately!  

7 Factors Impacting Engagement: 

  • Influence
    –   How’s our leadership doing
  • Interchanges
    –   Is our message getting across
  • Interested Parties
    –   Are our partnerships understood and strong
  • ​​Instruct & re-Inforce
    –   Does what we train make sense and does it last
  • ​Illustrate
    –   How do we show, share, and support
  • Ignoble
    –   Are we developing our services by listening to the front line 
  • ​Invigilate
    –   Are we sitting vigil over our implementations

​Let your teams deal the real hand, and you'll see just how efficiently this helps you get to the truth.  Remember, it's not the hand you’re dealt; it's how you deal with it.  Call us today for your visibility into the truth: 949-232-1112