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Our Corporate Coaching Works:

"Luminosity Coaching helped us design and implement a Global Talent Management Program and implement a Professional Services Automation System.  Dianne has a gift for asking the right questions and providing an objective viewpoint; grounded in experience. She was instrumental in building specific components and processes. These capabilities positioned our Business Intelligence team to be the clear leaders in Managed Analytics Services. We also improved our resource planning capabilities and have driven quantifiable utilization improvements. I strongly recommend Luminosity Coaching to any company  wanting to effect positive change."

Camille Foster
VP Professional Services
Nexidia, Inc.
Atlanta, GA

"I was surprised when my company engaged Dianne Savoie to support our client-facing employees through executive coaching, since our founder is very frugal on any sales related expenses for the firm.  I wasn’t sure what to expect but went in open minded since he invested in this resource to help me and the rest of our business development teams to improve performance.  Having served the organization in a successful business development role, accounting for as much as 50% of our companies sales on a team of 7, many might think, “I’ve got this covered.” 

I went into our first session with an open mind and was delighted to hear that she was going to coach me from where I was, without a predetermined set of “training” techniques, and her first question opened a world of strategic conversations.  She wanted to know what I wanted help with.  Now, a year later, those coaching conversations have lead me to redefine my targets, create a more productive time management plan, and strategically working through prospect and client conversations in an environment that is empowering and motivating.  Mostly, my focus improved.  My close ratio has increased; my numbers are up 3 times that of the previous year, and my confidence in duplicating this process is strong. 

I highly recommend executive coaching to anyone thinking about it.  If you want someone that is able to meet you where you’re at, has the executive presence and experience to understand your world, and will hold you capable and accountable - then Dianne Savoie is the one to help you."

Ann Hart
Partner, Business Development
Profit Recovery Partners, LLC
Orange County, CA

"Dianne played a fundamental role in making my new law practice successful. Her thoughtful insight and breadth of experience were essential elements in helping me be successful. Because of her assistance I have been able to develop a methodology and brand that has grown significantly over the last year. She also had a key role in helping me realize my personal keys to finding success. Dianne is a great coach, mentor, and now a great friend. I am very happy that we connected when we did."

Matthew G. Pfau
Henderson, NV

"Dianne has a unique ability to push aside outdated approaches to leadership by implementing modern methods that drill down to the core values of a leader. When fully digested, Dianne’s techniques will transform the average leader into the exceptional leader. Dianne’s guidance is a must for anyone seeking to increase their leadership potential." 

Nolan Primm
Vice President of Distribution
PowerSecure, Inc.
Wake Forest, NC

"I reluctantly went into this coaching agreement due to my already busy schedule and my belief that most things which created my stresses really could not be changed. What I learned through my experience of being coached were ways to view those things differently and ways to respond to them for a less stressful result.

In just two short months of working with Luminosity Coaching in one-to-one leadership coaching I have had several breakthroughs:

  • My strategic plans are more clear
  • My overall communication skills have improved.
  • I'm more open to listening.
  • I'm making more time for free flowing discussions w/my team.
  • I have a more positive approach to the work load.
  • I'm more focused and allowing.
  • Discipline does NOT have to be hard!

Don't let anyone or anything get in the way of you having a business coach and getting this kind of support. And stop right here, there is none better than Dianne Savoie. I honestly would not have made such quick strides with anyone else. She listened and heard what was unspoken, provided direction with encouragement, and somehow held me accountable to myself without pressure.

I highly recommend Luminosity Coaching to anyone wanting to achieve more for themselves, their company, and their staff."

Ken Maffey
Hamel Builders
Silver Spring, MD

"Dianne is an excellent listener who addressed my needs with encouragement. She provided a place for me to create successful strategies for accomplishing my personal and business goals. The most important benefits I received through the leadership coaching I received are:

  • Insight and direction
  • Inspiration and encouragement
  • Explored possibilities that seemed unreachable
  • Mid-week personal communication
  • Significant progress with the development of my non-profit organization"

Toya Diaz
Educator & Entrepreneur
Alpharetta, GA

"I can't recommend Luminosity Coaching highly enough! If you want to succeed in finding a balance between the demands of work and other aspects of life, Luminosity Coaching is for you! They have been instrumental in guiding me through a process of discovery and accountability that has resulted in tremendous productivity and a greater sense of accomplishment and direction. Together we identified areas that were keeping me from peak performance and developed new strategies for success. What an amazing experience; it was rewarding both professionally and personally. I'm accomplishing more at the office, making more time for myself, and getting more results than I ever thought possible. Call Luminosity Coaching today. It's one of the most positive steps you can take toward achieving your true potential!"

Mira Rubin
Mira Images, Inc.
Philadelphia, PA
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Simple as 1. 2. 3.

  1. This is a completely confidential process where the individual or team will be provided a safe environment in which to speak freely and grow.
  2. This leadership coaching approach is more than one-to-one meeting events. It is a methodology that supports change over time. This approach provides leaders with a new paradigm, which they design during the coaching self-discovery process.  This discovery leads to the conditions necessary to create sustainable, high performing leaders and therefore a better chance for the team as a whole to succeed. 
  3. Dianne supports leaders in addressing the challenges that are crucial to their performance and the performance of their team(s). The leadership skills and competencies which individuals are exposed to are instilled into every leader and team working through these coaching conversations with her.


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Leader in Managed Analytics Services (Big Data)

"I strongly recommend Luminosity Coaching to any company wanting to effect positive change."
Camille Foster, VP Professional Services

"Dianne played a fundamental role in making my new law practice successful. Her thoughtful insight and breadth of experience were essential elements in helping me be successful."
Matthew G. Pfau,Esq.


 "My close ratio has increased; my numbers are up 3 times that of the previous year, and my confidence in duplicating this process is strong. I highly recommend executive coaching to anyone thinking about it."
Ann Hart, Partner

Post Leadership Facilitation

(All participants were VP level and higher)

Each bullet represents a different particiapant's comments:

  • My aha moment was recognizing the daily complexities of each division.  I enjoyed the flexibility in format.  Dianne was exceptional!
  • I think this was something we really needed as a company. My aha moment was how much we need to improve our cross-functional teamwork.
  • You (Dianne) made the best use of the allotted time and blended with PowerSecure's needs.  Great job!
  • I like the format, the methodology for brainstorming. Two days away from office to eliminate distractions was a great approach!
  • My aha moment was consciously appreciating what I value about PowerSecure. 



"I highly recommend Luminosity Coaching to anyone wanting to achieve more for themselves, their company, and their staff."
Ken Maffey


"When I lost sight at the end of the tunnel, you showed up with flares to light the way."
Mira Rubin, President


"It is my passion and personal commitment to help organizations become better at what they do: better teams, better leaders, better companies; that they may grow their businesses and lead fulfilling lives!”

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Dianne Savoie