Lumninosity Coaching, LLC

Why Luminosity?

The name 'Luminosity' was chosen as a constant reminder to: 

Deliver exceptional value to every engagement leaving the client with a greater sense of their unique Luminosity. 

Luminosity Defined: The quality of being intellectually brilliant, enlightened, and inspired: The luminosity of his poetry is unequaled.

Luminosity Defined by Astronomy: The brightness of a star in comparison with that of the sun:
 The luminosity of Sirius expressed as 23 indicates an intrinsic brightness 23 times as great as that of the sun.



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Dianne Savoie
Corporate Coach & Founder
Luminosity Coaching, LLC

Mine is a natural gift coupled with the necessary educated skills to help my clients.   Having always been a bit of a maverick with a keen sense of when and where to “shake up” the corporate status quo for positive forward momentum; I'm able to co-create success with my clients. 

So glad you’ve landed on my site! Looking forward to a live conversation with you.  Please call and share your challenges with me. We’ll work together to break through any barriers to your greater success.

~ Dianne

Registered Corporate Coach
Inventor of HEW Cards®
Trained DiSC® Facilitator

Authorized Facilitator of Team Coaching International™                                              

Providing professional coaching and facilitation services to executives, senior management, and teams at all levels.